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Who We Are

People ask us: "How can you compete with the big guys?" It is very simple. We are not competing! You see, we're different; an alternative. If you are searching for a broader choice of foods in your diet, you will find the freshest, best tasting and finest selection of groceries in the Monterey bay area. Here at Star Market, we care about you and your nutritional needs. We know that eating a variety of foods is a vital part of feeling well; here you will always find U.S.D.A. choice meats- custom cuts, fresh fish and poultry, dairy and deli, and a fantastic produce department featuring fresh, locally grown, extra fancy fruits & vegetables. So you see, we stock many of the same items as the "big guys", however, we're really not like them at all. Try us and see a fresh alternative to the "big guys". We think you'll like it.

Your Star Market Family

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